Burlingame, Kansas

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Building Inspector

Jim Welch

(785) 654-2414

Building Permit Application

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Building Permit Fees


Building Permit Instructions


Final Occupancy Inspection

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Zoning Regulations


Planning Commission  

The City of Burlingame has a Planning and Zoning Commission that meets on the first Tuesday of each month at City Hall.  The Planning and Zoning Commission consists of five members of the community.  They review rezoning requests, annexations and building permits.  The City’s Building Inspector is responsible for inspecting construction work and reporting zoning violations.  If you are aware of a zoning violation and would like to report it, call City Hall. They will investigate the claim and take any action necessary to ensure the zoning regulations are being followed.

Building permits  

Building permits are required before performing most improvements to your home.  Permits are not required for concrete flat work.  Permit applications can be obtained from the City Clerk at City Hall.  The permits must be completed and returned to the City Clerk with all applicable drawings and specifications and the required fee.  Once a completed application is received the City Clerk will forward the application to the Planning Commission at the next available meeting.  The application will also be reviewed by the City Superintendent and the Building Inspector for review.  The fee for the permit is based on the estimated cost of the project.  The fee is 3 % of the estimated cost up to $150.  Please contact the City Clerk  if you have any questions about the permit or the process.